Skype Counselling


What is Skype Counselling?

Online therapy is the exact same process as in person counselling & psychotherapy. You make a commitment to work with the same therapist, often at the same time each week. It’s just that instead of talking in the same room, you talk over your computers screens.

Skype Counselling vs In-Person Therapy

There are some obvious differences with Skype therapy, such as –

  • you don’t have to travel to see your therapist.
  • you can do this sort of therapy from anywhere.
  • access is easy even if you suffer a disability or injury at present.
  • if you are a caregiver of an elderly parent, sick relative, or of children old enough to play by themselves quietly during the session, you can save on care costs. 

Online therapy can even be a way to gain the confidence to eventually attend in-person therapy.

And in the case of something like severe depression, or anxiety, where the very act of getting dressed and getting out of the house can seem an insurmountable feat, online counselling can feel far more feasible.

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